2011 Conference  

April 28, 2011


Inventing the Future

Presentation of ATEC and EMAC in conjunction with the graduate seminar Computational Design

Technical Program Chair: Dr. Mihai Nadin



University of Texas at Dallas

Conference hours-

3 - 7 pm

Set-up Times-

2:30 - 3 pm

Take Down-

7:20 pm


"Computational Design" is a discipline founded by Mihai Nadin in 1994. Its purpose is twofold:

- Development of a computational theory of design

- Design of products and processes through the use of digital means

The Conference

- Will address the expression, in computational form, of creative approaches to some of the questions we are all debating.

- Will offer participants a unique forum to discuss key issues and innovative solutions.

Submissions of novel, original and unpublished works are welcomed from any disciplines or set of disciplines.


Organized by antE - Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems and The Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering  
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