Because we all benefit when artists are able to pursue their passions.
Heuristic Design

What artists practice daily is to begin without a plan, directions or even guidelines as they embrace the blank canvas and create something new.  The Designer knows at some point you have to begin without all the information with the understanding that valuable insights will emerge that could not be predicted, anticipated or identified in advance.

The scientific, Cartesian model that businesses embrace attempts to:

  1. Quantify the ambiguity
  2. Organize the chaos
  3. Simplify the complexity
  4. Reduce cause and effect to single relationships
  5. Predict the future
  6. Control the outcomes
  7. To know everything

The human quest is to know everything.  Disciplines and institutions are built on this premise.
The Heuristic approach accepts that everything can’t be known, finds valuable insights in mistakes, and recognizes that new ideas are often discovered and not researched.  The challenge is to have the courage to go into unknown territories and recognize a valuable idea when it emerges.

The talent of the artist is to face a blank canvas and produce a work of art.  Often this is accomplished with a map, directions or even feasibility study.  The artist embraces the idea of discovery and accepts the inevitability of mistakes.  More importantly, they know what might begin as a mistake, can become an expected and welcomed surprise.  This is innovation!

Heuristic design describes a process of finding solutions through exploration and discoveries whether it is carving a statue out of a block of marble or leading a fortune 500 company through change.  The heuristic approach requires courage and faith in the process.

Heuristic design focuses on the space between everything we know and the unknown, no matter how prepared an organization, there is always ambiguity, the unpredictable and unknown.  Disciplines and institutions are built on the premise of knowing as much as possible, before acting.  While the heuristic process embraces the idea that some solutions are unavailable one is acting.  The heuristic approach is to recognize and appreciate newly discovered realities as they emerge.  Instead of knowing what we don’t know, expect to be surprised and provided valuable insights with the process.