Because we all benefit when artists are able to pursue their passions.

In the metaphor, created by University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt, a relationship between our rational and emotional influences is described as an elephant and the Rider.  Daniel Pink describes this relationship in his book, A Whole New Mind where he explains the influences of our right and left brain thinking.

In Haidt’s elephant model, the elephant represents the right-brain thinking influences of abstraction, passionate pursuits without any attention to consequences or logic.  While the Rider sits atop of the elephant representing the left-brain thinker who seeks logic, responsible, rationale approaches to all actions.  Both characters are connected to each other in a constant struggle between passion and reason and the ways these play out in everyday events.  Artists typically feel most comfortable following their right-brain thoughts while an accountant will most utilize their left-brain influences to interpret the world. 

It is common for an individual to view the world predominately from one or the other hemisphere which influences their perspective, decisions and actions.

The Elephant and Rider metaphor provides a valuable insight into the how the two perspectives are forced to work with each other and directions to navigating a full mind perspective.  It illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of the two hemispheres and how their co-existence influences everything we do.