Because we all benefit when artists are able to pursue their passions.

The Stakeholders define the mission and lead the vision for any endeavor.  They are the foundation for human-centered design and business success.

A shift from the industrial design era, of one product for the masses, to user-centric design began over fifty-years ago.  Emerging technologies that utilize the internet and social media engage the users as never before and forces the designer to consider user’s preferences, needs, and overall experiences in new ways.

Klaus Krippendorff, in his book The Semantic Turn, describes a human-centered design that forces Designers to think holistically, systemically and consider all stakeholders.

For business applications, stakeholders represent any individual, organization or entity that benefits or affected by a service or product.  Full consideration of stakeholders increases the level, scope and degree of success.
The Henderson Art Project was initially conceived as a contest to place art on a public street.  It became much more as local businesses, area universities, art community leaders, city officials, and multiple non-profits were engaged.  Some stakeholders benefitted directly while others by mere association.  A low-income, inner city elementary is located on the street and by partnering with the school, the kids became involved and attention was directed towards amazing work the teachers and staff did for the students on an inadequate budget.  Fundraisers and events were created as part of the Henderson Art Project, in partnership with the school.

By recognizing all stakeholders, the Henderson Art Project expanded to driving traffic to the businesses, branding the street, enhancing previously ignored sections, engaging neighborhoods into a public dialogue, drawing the larger art community into a common mission, and creating events that raised funds, engaged elementary and university students; as well as, promoting local talent with quality exposure and financial compensation.

Stakeholders are individuals or entities that benefit directly or by association.  The stakeholders include a market niche, end user, vendor, employee and affected community.  They are important to recognize because their participation strengthens the efforts, expands the reach, and increases opportunities.  Attention to the stakeholders ensures a greater level of success.