Because we all benefit when artists are able to pursue their passions.
The Ideal Service Learning Course
TED talk that describes the foundation for proposed project
Possible Projects

This is a proposed class that teaches the nuances of public art, the process of creating art,
and the business of art for those students who imagine being a professional artist. 

It would include:
-   exploring the impact of public art
-  how to create projects that impact the public
-  and the nuances of urban art
- the model of win/win/win opportunities - artist/business/community
The course will develop local projects each semester that engage surrounding communities, utilizing local organizations, profit and non-profit, and area artists. 

This curriculum would complement any art program or business degree.
Large issues:
-  R.O.I. of art
-  Art and Social Entrepreneurship
-  The value of right-brain/creative thinking in a left-brain world

The premise of my work is MOST organizations serving the art community are not helping artists make a living creating art.  They are creating events that include art and push artists to the forefront as the entertainers, but not creating win/win/win scenarios where the artist benefits equally. 

The underlying objective is to create opportunities where all stakeholders benefit equally in their unique way.

The Henderson Art Project is an example of one project that follows the proposed model:
-  Placed 22 works of art on public street in Dallas, Texas
-  179 artists participated
-  300 works of art  were submitted over two years
-  120 judges participated in the selection process
-  2,000 individuals voted for the “People’s Choice” selection
-  $40,000 has been given directly to artists over two years
- A partnership was developed benefiting Bonham Elementary
- $ was raised for three area non-profits: Emergency Artist Support League, Richardson Humane Society and Texas Sculpture Association.

The proposed course is designed with an experiential foundation, research based, engaging the community.  Such a course brings real-world experience to the classroom with a creative emphasis.

Business by Design Model